International Trade and Maritime Law

We are experienced International Trade and Maritime lawyers in Nigeria with expertise in Import & Export transactions and Licenses, and Free Trade Zone dealings.

The business of importing and exporting goods and services plays a major role in the growth or otherwise of the economy of any country, thus the maritime cum cargo industry is an important and critical sector of the Nigeria economy that many business owners and companies are constantly engaging with.

Being International Trade and Maritime lawyers in Nigeria, we represent and provide legal services to individuals, startups and companies engaged in international trade, while rendering comprehensive legal advisory services on shipping/cargo issues, digital transactions and international payment, e-commerce, investment and financial services, and related matters. Our range of clients in this field include importers, exporters, procurement agents, shipping agents, clearing and forwarding agents, commodity traders, shipowners, charterers, insurers, cargo insurers, hull and liability insurers, cabin crew, necessaries men and port operators.


  • Foreign investment advisory services and legal due diligence with statutory bodies
  • International business and trade transactions
  • International carriage of goods
  • Shipping, shipping operations and regulatory compliance
  • Registration of company for foreign client
  • Ship acquisition and financing, registration and permits processing with NIMASA and other relevant agencies
  • Import & Export Licenses
  • Free Trade Zones
  • Business Permit and Expatriate Quota Approval
  • Approvals with Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) and NOTAP
  • Approvals with Ministry of Interior & Trade in Nigeria
  • Charter agreements
  • Ship management agreements
  • Marine insurance and commercial risk management
  • Enforcement of maritime obligation – Ship arrest and release
  • Legal guide on opening of bank account, banking and taxation compliance
  • Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) permits and approvals – Resident Permit, CERPAC Approval
  • Real Estate services for foreign companies and investors
  • Mining, natural resources, and oil & gas licensing and approvals including with Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR)
  • Marine accidents, Maritime claims and enforcement of maritime liens
  • General maritime litigation and defenses

As International Trade and Maritime lawyers in Nigeria, we advise and assist our clients on all aspects of maritime law, including but not limited to registering ships; procuring and renewing Ministerial waivers and licenses for foreign-owned ships for cabotage trade in Nigeria, enforcement of judgments and awards; enforcement of mortgages and other securities, and advising on compliance with the Cabotage Act, 2003, NIMASA Act, 2007 and other laws dealing with coastal and inland shipping in Nigeria.

We assist international companies to set up foreign-owned companies and businesses in Nigeria and provide them with comprehensive legal assistance in conducting legal due-diligence and perfecting the requirements for regulatory compliance for the establishment and takeoff of the foreign companies or investments in Nigeria

The possibilities for exportation from Nigeria are enormous because Nigeria is rich in mineral resources and agricultural products, thus engaging in the export business is also a good investment for startups, individual entrepreneurs and companies seeking to tap into the wealth of the Nigerian market either from within Nigeria or from anywhere across the globe. We help individuals, businesses and companies to process and secure all necessary permits, approvals and licenses needed for successful exportation business and transactions in Nigeria.


Looking to engage in import/export, procurement, shipping, foreign direct or portfolio investment, or obtain approvals and licenses necessary for international trade transactions, send us a message now and an expert will contact you shortly.