Intellectual Property Law

We are accredited intellectual property attorneys in Nigeria, providing comprehensive range of intellectual property protection services tailored to our clients’ specific inventions and business needs.

We understand that intellectual property is a vital part of commercial establishment, and products or brands with great potentials are easily threatened by knock-offs and counterfeits, so we advise clients during business formation, brand building or products design stages, to take advantage of the available intellectual property protections by registering their unique designs, logos, names, marks, get-ups etc.

We are accredited Patent and Trademark Attorneys in Nigeria and one of the best intellectual property lawyers in Nigeria. We have helped individuals and corporate clients to register their trademarks and procure Patent for their inventions, and copyright to protect their literary works, music, software and other works of art. We also help our clients prepare terms and conditions, privacy policies, and end user agreements for use on their websites or apps.

Our intellectual property lawyers in Nigeria have experience in drafting and negotiating license agreements and security agreements, as well as evaluating and revising license agreements proposed by third parties. Our accredited Patent and Trademark Attorneys in Nigeria can recommend, draft and negotiate licensing agreements, whether exclusive, non-exclusive, territorial or foreign.


  • Patent applications
  • International or PCT patent applications processing
  • Trademark applications – availability search and filing
  • Trademark rights and ownership transfer
  • Copyright registration
  • Brand name / Trade name registration
  • Trade secret, deceptive trade practices and unfair competition
  • Intellectual Property development & acquisition
  • Intellectual Property due diligence & assessment
  • Intellectual Property strategies
  • Product Liability and Regulatory Compliance
  • Terms and Conditions for Apps and Websites
  • Privacy policies for Apps and Websites
  • End user license / agreements
  • Technology transfer agreements and licensing
  • Intellectual Properties as Securities
  • Mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances and IP related other asset transactions
  • Employment contracts for Developers, Software Engineers and Creators
  • Intellectual Property infringement, enforcement and litigation

Our accredited Patent and Trademark Attorneys in Nigeria advise companies and individuals on all phases of intellectual property law including copyrights, patents, trademarks, brand name, trade dress (get-ups) and trade secrets as they pertain to protecting, developing, selling, licensing and granting rights in intellectual property. We help clients protect their copyrights in Nigeria and we assist companies located outside Nigeria in filing and pursuing copyrights in Nigeria.

We equally counsel our clients on ways to avoid infringement on the intellectual property of other creators and where a charge of copyright infringement is made against a client, we counsel on possible defenses including estoppel, fair use, copyright misuse and abandonment, or possible reduction of damages based on innocent intent defense.

Our intellectual property lawyers in Nigeria represents clients in diverse intellectual property disputes including infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. We also advise clients on compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provisions, and on copyright protection for databases, computer software and web page design, architectural plans, music, theater, television and radio station programming, audio-video recordings and fine arts.

Our Patent lawyers have vast experience needed to understand our clients’ technologies and inventions, and to identify and protect their technologies through the effective use of any of the available Intellectual Property protection best fit for their interest. The most important aspect of patent procurement is the preparation of the patent application which requires the preparation of extensive legal cum technical documents containing detailed descriptions of the invention sought to be patented such that the descriptions provided can sufficiently guide interested person(s) to make and use the invention.

As intellectual property procurement and infringement matters continue to rise, asserting and protecting intellectual property assets has become unavoidably crucial to the success of promising businesses and the careers of creators, and we have the extensive, comprehensive hands-on experience our clients need to safely secure their intellectual property assets for the success of their careers and business endeavors.


Whether you want to create, build, and protect or enforce your right on your most valuable assets – your brand, we are the leading accredited intellectual property attorney in Nigeria to turn to. Send us a message now and an expert will contact you shortly.