Immigration Law

As experienced immigration lawyers in Nigeria, we help expatriates obtain immigration facilities such as Permits, Quotas, Visas, etc. and we assist our foreign clients to set up their businesses in Nigeria

Law Nation is the leading immigration law firm in Nigeria. We provide our clients with customized solutions that comply with immigration law and support their business needs. We advise our corporate clients, foreign nationals and entities, professionals and individuals seeking to either work or do their businesses in Nigeria on the provisions of the law and where required, assist them in obtaining Immigration facilities required for their operations in Nigeria.

We have acquired broad experience while advising our clients on the effect and implications of the provisions of the Nigerian immigration laws and executive orders, and we have an excellent working relationship with the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) and the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission [NIPC].


  • General Legal representation on immigration matters
  • Nigerian business permit and Expatriate Quotas
  • Nigerian Residence Permit – Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC) and CERPAC Renewal
  • Temporary Work Permit (TWP)
  • Nigerian Visiting and Business Visa
  • Family Immigration
  • Skilled Immigration
  • Business Immigration
  • Permanent Residency
  • Visa Applications
  • Second Passport / Second Citizenship
  • Nigerian Spousal Visa – Niger Wife
  • Visa Appeals
  • Visa Administrative reviews
  • Marriage settlement visas
  • Students and Immigrants visas advisory – Work Visas, Study Visas
  • Visa Revocation Issues

Our firm advises on all aspects of Nigerian immigration law and are specialists in major international visa classifications. We expertly advise our foreign clients on Nigerian immigration law requirements for foreigners seeking to set up a business in Nigeria while we advise our Nigerian clients on the immigration law requirements of their chosen foreign countries vis-à-vis their immigration dreams, be it visiting, schooling, or living and working in their desired country.

As expert immigration lawyers in Nigeria, we are aware that when a business is set for expansion into the global markets, employers are often faced with the questions of whether their employees need a work permit and/or a business visa, we help our clients answer these questions and more, and we assist them with necessary documentations knowing that failure to secure the proper documentation is fatal and may lead to the employee being denied entry into the country of reference. We also help businesses who desire to import the services of foreign consultants by helping the expatriates obtain immigration facilities such as Permits, Quotas, Visas, etc.

We provide our clients with the most comprehensive legal immigration services available while tailoring them to their specific requirements. Our customized approach to meeting our clients’ goals allows them make informed decisions in solving their immigration needs. We are detail-oriented and client-centered, taking into account the uniqueness of each client’s needs and we expertly assist them to put their best foot forward for their applications. As a result of our comprehensive legal expertise, and commitment to full compliance, Law Nation has achieved outstanding rates of approvals for our clients.


We are here to assist you achieve your immigration goals, send us a message now to talk to one of the best immigration lawyers in Nigeria.