Employment Law

We are the leading employment lawyers in Lagos, we help individuals and companies resolve their employment law concerns.

By representing both employers and employees overtime, we have gained extraordinary insight and experience that is invaluable to our clients. Our employment law experience is deep and multifaceted, we regularly negotiate employment agreements and severance packages for high level managers and executives and advise our clients on their rights and obligations under employment agreements, employment related issues as well as federal and state employment law.

We understand that the most valuable asset a company has is its employees. We also understand that effective management of human resources is essential to achieving the business objectives. We try to understand our clients’ goals in order to provide effective employment advice. With business priorities clearly in mind, we help clients effectively manage their human resources. Our excellent service and skills are evidenced by the testimonies of our clients

Given that we are a full-service law firm with arrays of lawyers who are experts in different industries, we have the in-dept knowledge and expertise required to assist our corporate clients including SME and large companies with all aspects of the employer/employee relationship across various sectors including banking, real estate, manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods and non-profits organizations.

Our Employment lawyers understand that proactive preventive counseling can avoid employment disputes, lawsuits, and investigations.


  • Employment Counseling
  • Employment Contracts / Wages / Benefits / Compensation / Severance Packages
  • Negotiation and Review of Employment Contracts
  • Enforcements of Contractual Agreements and Companies Obligations.
  • Employment Taxes
  • Internal Investigations / Employee Investigation and Discipline
  • High-Level Management and Workforce Terminations
  • Restrictive Covenants / Non-Compete / Non-Disclosure and Trade Secrets
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints
  • Fair Labor Standards Complaints / Merit System Protection
  • Workplace Harassment Complaints
  • Family and Medical Leave Benefits
  • State and Federal Worker Compensation
  • Employee Handbooks / Code of Conduct
  • Employee Share Schemes / Equity Compensation Arrangements
  • Consultancy Arrangements / Secondment Arrangements
  • Outsourcing / Independent Contractors
  • Disability Retirement
  • Health and Safety Compliance.
  • Health and Welfare Plans
  • Pensions
  • Tax Liabilities
  • Expatriate Employments and Immigration Matters
  • Immigration and Tax Status of Foreign Workers in Nigeria.
  • Employment Litigation

On a daily basis, our employment lawyers help companies comply with employment laws. Our pragmatic approach, combined with our knowledge of best practices, allows us to provide creative and cost-effective solutions. We have developed solution sets to avoid common employment law pitfalls, training modules to educate managers, and checklists to help avoid liability. We ensure that your business objectives and your employees’ needs are aligned and we consider corporate culture, compensation structure, administrative and regulatory issues to arrive at high-quality solutions that are practical and cost-efficient.

For your concerns on the legal and regulatory requirements of Nigerian law concerning your expatriate employees or employee relations, our immigration lawyers will work closely with our employment lawyers to give you creative, practical and cost-effective solutions. We have assisted various companies to process expatriate quotas and other immigration requirements for expatriate employees.

Whether we are representing employers or employees, we try to resolve employment disputes before a lawsuit is filed to avoid costly litigation and potentially negative publicity.  However, while employment counseling may prevent many disputes, it cannot prevent all disputes. When litigation ensues, our employment lawyers seek to obtain a favorable result as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We provide an up-front assessment of the case including settlement possibilities. We defend the full gamut of employment cases, while many of our cases are resolved before trial, our employment lawyers are equally skilled trial lawyers who have litigated employment cases of every size and type at the National Industrial Court and appellate courts.


Seeking to resolve or avoid employment issues, send a message now to speak with our employment lawyers or schedule an appointment.