Debt Recovery and Bankruptcy 

We are the best debt recovery lawyers in Nigeria, we have expertise in commercial and financial law to provide effective solutions in debt management, debt recovery, debt settlement, and insolvency situations.

As debt recovery lawyers in Lagos, we dare say we have seen it all. Our lawyers are the best debt recovery lawyers in Nigeria, they combine expertise in commercial and financial law to provide effective solutions in debt management, debt recovery, debt settlement, and insolvency situations. Our clients include individuals, Nigerians in diaspora, corporate shareholders or employees and companies situate in and outside Nigeria, who we represent either as debtors, creditors, bankrupts, receivers, trustees, among others.

We have advised clients in all aspects of bankruptcy or insolvency law and we regularly act to recover debts for our clients. Our debt recovery lawyers in Nigeria have continuous experience in debt recovery so we have a deep understanding of how trapped funds can frustrates investment or business arrangements, and we act swiftly to save the day. We have assisted various entities, companies and individuals to successfully recovered debt owed to them, or negotiate debt restructuring and debt reliefs with either financial institutions or non-financial institution creditors, as well as corporate and individual money lenders. We have assisted both local and foreign clients to recover debts in Nigeria even in cases clients already considered impossible or hopeless.


  • Debt recovery – within and outside Nigeria
  • Debt agreement review
  • Debt arrangement, restructuring and re-organization
  • Debt consolidation / Debt reduction
  • Debt management – repayment schedule and concessions
  • Debt settlement
  • Financial security advisory
  • Bankruptcy
  • Out-of-court workouts
  • Out of Court settlement negotiations
  • Business re-organization / Acquisition
  • Liquidation and receivership
  • Recovery of Salaries or Wages
  • Recovery of Real Estate claims
  • Recovery of Maritime claims

Our practice covers not only aspects of insolvency or bankruptcy matters but also other things related to debt recovery, restructuring, consolidation and management whether in the areas of corporate/commercial practice, labor law, maritime law, real estate law etc. We regularly negotiate partial settlement, workout agreement, or a reduction in the debt liabilities of our client. In doing these, our debt management and bankruptcy lawyers review the current financial conditions of the particular client, including their salary, real estate ownership, and other incomes in order to put together a successful debt management or debt settlement plans that will best resolve their concerns.

We consult for our clients individually to evaluate their best choices and we provide detailed advice to our clients on all possible debt relief options available to them and how best to proceed with resolving the issues depending on their particular situations. We help them find out whether they should try to settle the debts or pursue other options, for instance, consolidate their debts or file for bankruptcy. We have the expertise required to successfully prosecute recovery of debt in Nigeria or advise clients against pursuing recovery via litigation in instances where such is statute barred and we are ever ready to protect our clients if they are face with a debt collection lawsuit. Our debt recovery lawyers in Lagos are on speed dial to respond swiftly to the situation, whatever it is.

Our lawyers expertly listen to our clients’ debts concerns and explains the options available to them in clear and simple understandable terms. We communicate with lenders or borrowers in appropriate cases in order to arrive at a realistic way of recovering our clients’ money or getting our clients out of the burden of unpaid debt, either through a monthly payment or a one-time pay off of the debts at a rate that parties can accommodate, then we assist in drafting a repayment plan as agreed by parties in order to ensure a win-win situation for all parties involved.


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