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We are a full-service law firm in Lagos. We serve our clients timely and innovatively


We are a full-service law firm in Lagos with an outstanding track record of helping client achieve their desired result(s).

We are innovative, tech-savvy and our practice cut across a wide range of sectors and industries. We have represented individuals and companies in several local, international and cross-border transactions; particularly we have helped several foreign clients and Nigerians in diaspora tackle cross-border challenges in setting up their business interest and inestments in Nigeria.

With our multi-practice team composed of experts across a wide range of legal disciplines, we work to ensure efficient and successful national and international operations for our clients.

Whether your concerns are focused on a single issue or cut across disciplines or borders, we will resolve them for you, we will put together the most effective and efficient teams to work with you to achieve your desired result(s).


  • We are highly skilled professionals with years of hands-on experience.
  • We are fast, multi-skilled and helpful. We have extensive experience of success even in hopeless situations.
  • We care about our clients and we are responsive to their needs. Legal support for clients is available 24/7.
  • No matter our schedule, we create time to work 1- on -1 with our clients.
  • We understand that time is a valuable resource so we do the work in the shortest time possible while delivering top class quality service.
  • We are warm and welcoming, and always eager to help. We are quick to pick-up and resolve our clients’ concerns.
  • We are a law firm in Lagos, the center of commerce in Nigeria, so we are rightly placed to serve your legal needs.  
  • We investment in the latest technologies necessary to serve our clients better.
  • We value diversity and inclusion and we do not discriminate.
  • We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our services.


Our practice cut across diverse areas of the law including Corporate and Commercial, Taxation, Real Estate, Employment, Immigration, Family, Intellectual Property, Foreign Investment, Shipping and Maritime, Commercial Litigation, Fintech and Project Finance.

Our lawyers have expertise across a wide range of legal disciplines with hands-on experience in their fields to give you a unique experience while working to give you your desired result(s).

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